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PHONE: (303) 987-8812

Cornerstone is the marketing arm for Del Norte Neighborhood Development Corporation's Neighborhood Stabilization Program.  This program provides funding for the rehabilitation of foreclosed properties and mortgage assistance for eligible home buyers to purchse these homes.  The extend of the rehabilitation and upgrading is very extensive.  Systems are checked, serviced and upgraded if necessary, kitchens and baths are redone with upgraded materials (stainless appliances, maple cabinets, etc.).  All new custom window coverings and installed, new carpet, paint, lighting, storm/security doors are added.  Special attention to energy efficiency is paid and radon is tested and mitigated if necessary.  These homes are actually better in most ways than when they were new.

There are income restrictions (120% of the Area Median Income) and an affordibility period established that insures that these home will remain owner occupied and affordable for a reasonable period of time.  Details can be found in the contract addendum.

Down payment and closing cost assistance is also available to eligible buyers on an as-needed basis.  This assistance, unlike some other programs, is actually forgiven over the term of the affordibility period.  Click here for Important Information for Brokers and Buyers and Required Addendum A and Addendum B required with contract.

Current Inventory of Homes Available:  

4877 Duluth Ct.
Price:  $330,000

1737 Trenton St.
Price:  $250,000 - Sold

4582 Malaya St.
Price:  $230,000 - Sold

1760 S. Wyandot St.
Price:  $220,000 - Sold

13025 E. Pensacola Pl.
Price:  $172,900  - Sold

130 King St.
Price:  $149,900  - Sold

1089 S. Bryant St.
Price:  $179,900  Sold

15031 E. Pensacola Pl.
Price:  $169,900  Sold

4435 Dillon St.
Price:  $159,900  Sold

494 Wolff St.
Price:  $189,900  Sold

4624 Perth St.
Price:  $154,900  Sold

3450 Lafayette St.
Price:  $184,000  Sold

1849 S. Newton St.
Price:  $156,900 Sold

691-693 S. Osceola St. 
Price:  $181,500  Sold

2411 W. Wesley Ave.
Price:  $169,900 Sold
5506 Eagle St.
Price:  $164,900 Sold

4537 Andes St.
Price:  $144,900  Sold

  2605 S. Hooker St.
Price:  $137,500  Sold

2625 S. Green Ct., Denver, CO  80219
Price:  $134,900  Sold

5275 Deephaven Ct., Denver, CO  80239
Price:  $160,000  Sold

730 S. Eliot St., Denver, CO  80219
Price:  $135,000  Sold

4794 Fraser Way, Denver, CO  80239
Price:  $157,000  Sold 

5114 Elkhart St., Denver, CO  80239
Price:  $175,000  Sold

4714 Duluth Ct., Denver, CO  80239
Price:  $160,000  Sold

5043 Billings St., Denver, CO  80239
Price:  $159,900 

4955 Blackhawk Wy., Denver, CO  80239
Price:  $154,900 

2329 Humboldt St., Denver, CO  80205
Price:  $189,999 Sold

4436 W. Tennessee Ave., Denver, CO  80219
Price:  $139,900  Sold

5089 Utopia Ct., Denver, CO  80239
Price:  $139,900 

4589 Frankfort Way, Denver, CO  80239
Price:  $149,900 

12202 E. Stoll Pl., Denver, CO  80239
Price:  $164,900  Sold

2125 S. Acoma St., Denver, CO 80223
Price:  $84,900 

2127 S. Acoma St., Denver, CO  80223
Price:  $84,900 

4897 Duluth Ct., Denver, CO  80239 
Price:  $141,000  Sold

14592 E. 52nd Ave., Denver, CO  80239
Price:  $164,000  Sold